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The Lead Role

So which piece will be playing the lead role in today's post...? Have you guessed it yet? Yes! It's my new coat! It's warm, surprisingly well-made and so adorably vintage... also, very versatile - it's gonna fit both into my feminine and boyish outfits. Plus, I've always wanted to own a coat with the houndstooth print.

Naturally, for my first time wearing it outside, I had to style it in a way that would match its whole retro feel. I wore a plain black shirt dress underneath but I tied a red bow around its collar to peek graciously from under the coat. Add the coat of arms, the hat, the leather briefcase and bulky shoes and you get a pretty winter-ish schoolgirl chic outfit.

I decided to unbutton the coat for the photoshoot. Somehow it looks much more masculine when buttoned up, probably due to fact that it's double-breasted and I-shaped. This way, it just embraced the slightly flared bottom part of my dress, turning into a lovely A-shape.

coat - Orsay
scarf, dress, bag - thrifted

Photos taken by Valentin, thank you so much!

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#ootd - 2015.11.16 - 2015.11.22


A suede dress with a tartan print bowtie for a touch of quirkyness.


First time wearing this floral dress with a cute collar. It's very light and airy and belongs more to the summer than to this winter-ish season, but it still works during November when combined with black tights and a cozy cardigan.


Just casually being a cute schoolboy, hehe. Had to look smart casual-ish for a job interview.


My favourite denim shirt dress, this time with a leather bow under the collar.


A tartan flannel and bright coloured pants were my way to survive the Friday.


My outfit for seeing Mockingjay part II~ This over-the-top, metallic golden shirt has been waiting long months for its moment to shine... quite literally!


A simple, cozy outfit for spontaneous Sunday shopping.

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All Leopard Everything

Damn! Now this is what you would call a leopard print overload! You know that even though the feminine side of my wardrobe tends to be very demure and kinda dark, the male side is... wellquite bold and flashy (yes, every purple word is a separate link and those are just recent examples). The hat! The coat! The scarf! The leather pants! The socks! The creepers... The EVERYTHING.

I did turn some heads with this outfit, but then... Is there really anything wrong with being bold? I don't think so. You see, it's not the over-the-top kind of looking bold - all pieces fall into their right place. The coat surely makes the statement here. All the other flashy elements are either black or tiny enough to not overshadow each other.

Actually, I chose those bright pink socks on purpose. Without them, the outfit would actually look quite boring, colour scheme-wise; this little pop of colour brings it to the whole new level.

PS. Honestly, looking at this backside photo, I regret not showing you the backpack I wore that day - yes, the skulls&roses one. Now that's a bold combination!

coat - H&M DIVIDED
shirt, scarf - thrifted
leather pants - Vero Moda

Photos taken by Marta, thank you so much!

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#ootd - 2015.11.09 - 2015.11.14


A simple black shirt dress with a red scarf for a pop of colour. On that day, I actually had a blog photoshoot in which my new coat played the lead role - hence the plain outfit that wouldn't be a distraction from the main element of the whole look.


I just threw together a bunch of clothes I didn't have to iron beforehand since this was my last day before a five day long break. Too lazy to care!


Something very elegant for my short trip to Warsaw for, as I like to call it, blogger work. Hehe.


A Saturday night date calls for a sleek total black outfit with eye-catching accents such as the print on my bag and my creepers.

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The story behind

Sentimental game is strong in this one. This outfit is basically a collection of items I've been waiting to grab with my needy hands for a loooong time before the fate has brought them to me (y'know, it's fate and it's great... does anybody here watch Bob's Burgers?). You already know the story behind the hat and the sailor fuku bag, so it's time to go on with my explanation... First of all - the creepers.

Platform shoes are something that I'd love to wear all the time. If only I could afford more of them! I've been avoiding classic creepers mainly because I didn't like the lacing - I find the metal hooks rather ugly - but it was about time to let my usual schoolgirl shoes rest a bit (I wore them almost daily) and find something a bit less girly to match with my androgynous outfits. That's how I finally convinced myself that a pair of creepers would be a good choice after all and ordered this leopard print one.

Next - the dress. In fact, I've seen it for the first time years ago during my university days, when it was still a part of the current H&M collection, but I couldn't afford it with my tiny student budget. There was that girl in my group that I considered my archrival (it didn't seem to work the other way, though; her head was too much in the last weekend's parties to notice that short chubby girl glaring at her threateningly from the back of the classroom). One day, she just walked into the room wearing the dress I've been lusting for so much, and because her sense of style was amazing, she paired it with awesome dark red tights and platform sneakers. Holy shit! How dare she...!

Hey, I'm not finished yet! The girl kept rocking her XS-size dress till the very end of the semester, after which I left the university and never came back. Last year though, during one of my thrifted store raids, I spotted nothing else but the exact same dress. Did it manifest in my life after all because I wanted it so friggin' much? Probably. The price was so funny that even the poorfag 20-year-old me could've afforded it back then. So, the dress of my dreams was finally mine and for, like, 1/10 of the original price! Yay! I wore a black Peter Pan collar shirt and a DIY leather bowtie thingie undearneath it to make it fit into my uniform-ish wardrobe. Take a closer look at it - at first, it seems like it's covered in leopard spots, while in fact it's a kiss stain print. Just... just how could I live without it for those four years...? I truly have no idea.

dress, shirt, cardigan - thrifted

Photos taken by Marta, thank you so much!

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#ootd - 2015.11.02 - 2015.11.08


My foolproof dress-to-impress set: a dark red tartan dress on a black peter pan-collar shirt. Throw on a cardigan and I'm ready to start the week!


Taming the turtleneck, part two. This time I combined it with a vichy-like print skirt, Union Jack bag and creepers for a very 80's, subtly edgy look.


First (and only) boyish look of the week: the classic leather pants and a striped shirt tied under the neck.


Let me introduce my new dark denim button-down dress (a thrifted treasure) that turned out to be an amazing (and a lot more classy) alternative to the very popular sailor fuku-inspired dress. Together with a hat and a red scarf, it makes a very schoolgirl-like outfit.


Another black turtleneck - a thicker one - in a set very similar to Tuesday's outfit, with a floral skirt this time. I added a cameo brooch for a nice elegant touch.


My bff has made this lovely vintage suede dress wearable for me by shortening it, sooo I wore it for a crazy shopping session yesterday. As you can see, I've kinda fallen in love with this red scarf!

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October recap

October has passed already, so it's the time for yet another monthly recap (with the help of Lookbook). Get ready for lots of schoolgirl chic with only one look leaning towards the androgynous side, but oh my, I managed to do a Halloween photoshoot! How exciting!

My custom Giyongchy sweatshirt got a girly makeover in this casual-ish version of schoolgirl uniform.

That's how you style an edgy vinyl jacket...! Well, at least that's how I decided to style it - in this sassy-yet-classy rocker chic look, using the skirt from the previous set.

A very special photoshoot done by Klara. Really my Sunday best, complete with the long wig and fancy shirt.

My Halloween costume inspired by A Clockwork Orange's Alexander. Got milk? Because I surely do and it's tiramisu-flavoured.
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