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It was hot. It was so terribly hot outside. Something above 30°C I think. However, according to my personal rules, this is not an excuse to wear either baggy or very revealing clothes! For me, this kind of weather calls for a compromise between feeling comfortable in such heat and looking classy. Guess what? I found it. I'm not really allowed to expose the upper half of my body due to vitiligo, so, as you could expect, I have a collection of lightweight cotton-made summer tops that don't reveal too much skin. The fancy shirt you see in this post is a perfect example. Of course, the outfit wouldn't be complete without tons of tacky jewellery, haha. Honestly, with all that quirkyness (is that even a word?!), it looks like something straight out of my comic. Wait... Maybe this was my goal with this set from the very start...

piątek, 31 lipca 2015

Alt route

Seems like you'll have to wait a few more posts before I bring some INSANELY exciting news about my artistic work. Considering how often I post here, this might take a bit longer than it sounds. Le sigh! If you're craving for some sneak peek really bad, you can check out my fanpage. No, this is not shameless advertising - this is a legit hint. Quite an obvious one, to be honest.
Let's get back to the topic. These days, I'm taking a more alt(ernative) route when it comes to my clothes. Not that I'm already sorta-kinda alternative, though; however, with the abundance of leather and studs I am experiencing right now, I'm going more and more towards that direction. I'd love to make a post just about that comfy huge flannel shirt, but the edgy choker and spiked jacket have stolen its spotlight. Honestly, I can't decide which garment makes the biggest statement here. Oh! It's worth mentioning that this time, the photos were taken by the super talented Kamila. Thank you so much!

środa, 8 lipca 2015

Blog's 2nd Anniversary / Me? A fashion blogger? Oh please.

The perfect recipe for a cafe moscow anniversary outfit: pretty park surrounding? Check. A splash of red colour? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Platform shoes? Check. Optional leopard print and flowers? Also check! The photoshoot had been done July 3rd. This blog's anniversary is July 4th, but I didn't find it important enough to rush and prepare the post here and now; instead, I met with the lovely fellow blogger, Mar on that day. A long conversation with her has led me to some interesting musings, which I'm going to share with you.
This post will be somewhat different, as you will find less pictures and more of my writing. Beware. I rant a lot.

Fact: it's very hard to find a long-term fashion blogger who isn't all about clothes, statistics and sponsorship. I have no idea how this applies to other countries, but this is the sad truth here in Poland. There's this infamous Polish proverb about not taking a dump into our own nest, which simply means that you shouldn't talk sh*t about your close environment, but a). the Polish blogosphere was never my main target, b). good knowledge of English is still a rare thing among the style bloggers here, so there's a chance not many of them will catch all the lingering irony I'm implementing into this post.
With that said, I was positively surprised to meet a level-headed person like Mar in this little statistics-obsessed blogger world. And vice versa.

You see, even after those two years, I still don't really consider myself a fashion blogger (I prefer the term personal style blogger). I am not interested in fashion per se; watching fashion shows and stalking designers on social media would bore me to death. I think of myself as more of an artist - but it's still not so close to the actual state of things; to put it simply, I'm just a crazy person who takes great pleasure in admiring and creating beautiful things that happen to be related to clothes (I hope I don't sound like a special snowflake... too much). Posting on fashion message boards? Commenting on looks I don't even find interesting? Checking out trends and new collections? I'd rather invest this time in drawing a new comic page... and then dress up the way I find interesting, which doesn't necessarily have to do with what's trending now. #thatshowIroll

blazer, dress - thrifted

Photos taken by Marta, thank you! 

wtorek, 30 czerwca 2015

Gray tones

So... Yeah. Summer, at last. Time to bring all those colourful clothes out of your closet... Not really. As you've probably noticed, I use strong colours pretty much in every single blog post. The thing is, even though I love red and pink and all those neon hues, gray is still one of my favourite colours. There was that time not so long ago (before the blog, anyway) when most of my wardrobe consisted of various tones of gray. This post is like a tribute to those days, haha. It's hard to believe, but this epic blazer with leather patches is actually a thrifted treasure! So is the bag, but I think I've already mentioned that.
One more thing: I deleted the old cafe moscow fanpage. People kept liking it even though I've written a post about it closing very soon... Sigh. The new, "correct" fanpage is here.

czwartek, 11 czerwca 2015

Candy cane + a new fanpage!

First things first: just recently, I set up a fanpage for my artistic work and I figured out that merging it with this blog's fanpage would be not only much easier, but also more true to what I do and who I am. I wrote more about my reasons in this Facebook post - read it if you're interested. Anyway, please unfollow the old Cafe Moscow fanpage and follow the Karolina Romanova one, as the former will be deleted in a few days!
Now, onto the outfit. PINK. WIG. No, seriously, a pink wig. I am so in love with this colour and honestly, I'm sure it is in love with me. I admit, I do envy pastel goth girls wearing their own pink wigs with crazy outfits, but I was actually seeking ways to tone it down a little bit, just to stay true to my "spiced up schoolgirl" look. The red dress does bring just as much attention as the hair colour, though. Doesn't the colour combo used in this post remind you of candy canes?
Also! There a shiny new Google+ widget in the sidebar. You know you want to click it.

czwartek, 14 maja 2015

As faux as it gets!

Thank you very much, RuPaul's Drag Race, for sparking the interest in wigs, actual makeup (actual = more than pretty eyebrows and eyeliner) and even fancier outfits in me. "Actual makeup" is still out of my reach, since I'm a hopeless anti-talented individual in that matter, but I've been working on elevating my style into another level of flashiness. Next on the list: WIGS. I think they're my new obsession. Truth to be told, I've been enviously looking at all those pastel goth bloggers rocking their wigs, but Drag Race was the thing that pushed me into actually buying a few. So, yeah, that's the miracle behind my hair length in this post! Stay tuned for more posts featuring fabulous wigs in the future! I'm leaving you with the photos.

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niedziela, 12 kwietnia 2015

End of Season

We've just entered the period of warm weather, so let's end the winter season with a post featuring a fur coat (that was shoot around the beginning of March, haha). As you can see, there have been some major changes to my hairstyle... Yep, I cut my hair short again mid-February and have been maintaining it since then. Unfortunately, it caused lots of "but you don't look feminine anymore!111" type of comments. EXCUSE ME? What does HAIR have to do with femininity? Sure, I do have those two kind-of identities, male and female, clashing inside of my mind all the time. Sure, short hair really does make the boy part of me stand out a bit more. But to be absolutely honest, I consider pixie cuts with long bangs very cute and girly when styled properly. This is exactly what I'm showing to you in this post. The base of this outfit looks a bit like a girl scout uniform with that greyish-green shirt, black skirt and laced up boots, but throwing stylish pieces on it, like the faux fur coat, bowler hat and heart-shaped sunglasses (what a gem!) made it a whole lot more feminine and quirky. Also, have you noticed the decorative seam pattern on the back of my tights? I love such accents on my legwear.
Also, just so you know: the primary reason I cut my hair for was the fact that I started wearing wigs. Check out my instagram for the photos or, if you're patient enough, just wait till the next post!

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